Fair’s Cancer Recovery Journey

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Fair’s Diagnosis:

On the evening of July 5, my wife recommended I take our daughter (Fair) to the emergency room because of the abdominal pain she was experiencing. The ER doctor discovered a tumor twice the size of a grapefruit in her abdomen and small tumors in her lungs. She was transferred to another hospital where she had a biopsy done; the surgery involved the removal of some of the tumor tissue from one of her lungs which was then analyzed for possible malignancy. Afterwards, she was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian (immature terratoma) germ cell cancer. For a week, she remained in the hospital recovering from her surgery and waiting to receive the official results from the biopsy so she could begin her treatment. On July 14, she finally received the official results from her biopsy, and the doctors gave her the green light to begin chemotherapy the next morning. The treatments will shrink the tumors in her body over the course of several months, and once the last cycle is complete, any cancer that remains will be removed through surgery.

Fair’s spirit during this time is amazing. She has had several difficult days already but has fought through them bravely as a result of her relationship with Jesus, her faith, and the support and prayers of friends and family. Her mom and I have started this blog to keep everyone updated on her progress as she fights this disease.

Latest from the Blog

August 9 – Update

Fair and I have enjoyed time together in the past playing tennis. A week ago, I bought this bag of tennis balls and gave them to Fair and told her I am challenging her now to some matches in the spring. She is completely on board and said, “Challenge accepted!” As it is currently, theContinue reading “August 9 – Update”

July 31 – Side effects

July 29th and 30th have been a challenge for Fair. For the first time she was hardly able to keep any food, drink, or medicine down. While dealing with this she has also experienced a lot of discomfort from trapped gas and constipation. I have some very good news as well. She has been onContinue reading “July 31 – Side effects”

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