January 14 – Fair’s list of what she wants to accomplish in 2021

Fair doesn’t just plan to survive cancer… she plans to thrive this year! Here are some things she wrote down she wants to accomplish… • attend Baylor• drive my car more• practice piano and play for my family• hangout with friends• grow out my hair• take more long walks in the park• start a garden•Continue reading “January 14 – Fair’s list of what she wants to accomplish in 2021”

December 15 update

The head surgeon ended up not being at Fair’s appointment today. He will evaluate her on December 23rd and schedule her surgery then. The good news is that means Fair will not be having surgery before Christmas! We were prepared to accept it if she were and are thankful that she gets to enjoy Christmas.Continue reading “December 15 update”

Dec 14 update

For those of you who are looking for an update today I wanted to let you know that Fair’s appointment with her surgeon is now scheduled for Tuesday morning and I will post an update afterwards.

December 10th update

Fair has continued to improve. The biggest milestone is that she has been sleeping in her own room for the past week. Before that she was sleeping on a recliner this whole time to stay elevated at night. She had an appointment on Monday and her oncologist is very encouraged with her improvement. Fair isContinue reading “December 10th update”

November 22 update

Fair’s digestion has been waking up slowly. She had an appointment with her surgeon a few days ago. He encouraged her to do everything she can to be active and to start doing things she is passionate about again like playing the piano. The surgeon told her that having her mind focused on the thingsContinue reading “November 22 update”

November 6 update

Ever since Fair’s surgery her bowels have not woken up yet so this has caused a lot of constipation and pain. She has been in the hospital the past two-and-a-half days trying to get everything to work properly. She is feeling pretty miserable. Some progress has been made but it has been slow. Please keepContinue reading “November 6 update”


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