March 7th update

Fair has been continuing to feel better as she recovers. She is still sore, but that hasn’t stopped her from pushing her limits. She’s been walking more and for longer distances now and enjoys getting out of the house whenever she feels like it. The second opinion in Houston provided a lot of insight andContinue reading “March 7th update”

February 24th surgery recovery update and the 2nd opinion in Houston is scheduled

Fair has been home for nearly a week and a half now, and she is doing well! She is still very tender and sensitive on her left side, but her breathing hasn’t been affected hardly at all. She can’t do much of anything that would use a lot of lung power such as sports orContinue reading “February 24th surgery recovery update and the 2nd opinion in Houston is scheduled”

2nd surgery update

I am with Fair right now. She is sleeping. Naturally she is experiencing pain but it is being managed well. It hurts to breathe but not near as bad as the lung biopsy back in July. Guess what … No ribs had to be removed! We are so thankful for all the prayers going outContinue reading “2nd surgery update”

Surgery day update

The head surgeon said everything went really well and was less invasive than what they thought it might have to be. He feels confident all of the cancer is gone from the left lung. We are thankful. I am going to see her soon and will give an update when I can today on howContinue reading “Surgery day update”


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