June 24th update

Fair is doing well. She has internal and external aches and pains she has to deal with as a result of surgery and being temporarily limited in how active she is. Fair is currently walking 3 times a day. It causes her to get short of breath so getting her left lung stronger for herContinue reading “June 24th update”

June 19th update

Fair is doing great. She is getting stronger every day. She is following a bounce-back program provided by her surgeon that lays out specific exercises for her to complete each day. She has been faithful to complete them. Fair looks forward to being completely recovered and pursuing several interests she had put off and enjoyingContinue reading “June 19th update”

June 16th update

Fair is doing so well the medical staff is planning for her to go home this evening or tomorrow! Amazing news! So thankful! Fair can’t wait to come home. Plans are in place to make sure she gets the care and observation she needs after coming home. Fair continues to push herself daily. She walkedContinue reading “June 16th update”

June 15th update

Fair walked twice yesterday. Both times she walked three times as far as she did the day before. She will probably be walking even more today. Walking is getting a lot easier for her and getting to a point where she needs little to no assistance at all. Very thankful for her progress in thisContinue reading “June 15th update”

June 14th update 9AM

Fair’s body did not reject the food she ate yesterday. She is experiencing some chest pain and shortness of breath periodically. Right now she is walking once a day other than walking the few steps to the bathroom periodically. We will push to walk twice a day when she is able.


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