July 1st update – A message from Fair

I am so so thankful for all the prayers and support from you and my friends and family! I am so blessed!! God has been doing amazing things!

I really didn’t know how my surgery would go and whether or not I’d be able to come home after 2 weeks. I thought I would be in a lot of pain and the recovery would take forever. But I ended up coming home in under 2 weeks, and had very minimal pain compared to what I expected!

God just continues to blow my mind with His faithfulness and healing. He has carried me through this fight and lifted me up on His shoulders when I didn’t have the strength to go on. He gave me joy even in the midst of great pain and filled me with peace when I was in the middle of chaos. He is so good! I have been able to see and testify that no matter my circumstances, God is still close, and He keeps getting closer!

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and share what God is doing in my life. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me!

  • Fair
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