November 22 update

Fair’s digestion has been waking up slowly. She had an appointment with her surgeon a few days ago. He encouraged her to do everything she can to be active and to start doing things she is passionate about again like playing the piano.

The surgeon told her that having her mind focused on the things she loves is very important for her physical recovery. 

Fair is having to push through some immense pain at times from her digestion challenges to stay active and moving regardless. She is fighting bravely and winning but still could use some extra encouragement. If you would like to send her an encouraging message you can do so on the contact page of the blog. I have read her all of the encouraging messages you all have sent so far and will continue to read every one to her soon after I receive it. She truly appreciates it.

It’s important she recovers fully and gets her strength back so she can undergo the first of two surgeries to remove the tumors on her lungs. Thank you for praying for this specifically.

The surgeon told us these are the hardest times to get through. We are confident Fair will prevail!

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