January 27 – Update and prayer requests

Fair has been continuing to feel better overall and has really been able to push her physical boundaries this week!  She’s gone on long walks, driven her car places, and even played volleyball with her siblings!  It is a blessing to see her doing so well!

On a more serious note, Fair and our family ask that you would pray for wisdom for the decisions we will soon have to make.

The surgical and oncology teams are continuing to research and consult with others for how to best go about removing the cancer in her lungs.  Something is also going to have to be done about the mass on her spine.  The decision we are facing is what treatment and/or surgery would be the most effective and in what order should the procedures be done.

The oncology team has encouraged us to get a second opinion from M.D. Anderson where we may possibly go for her upcoming procedures if we feel it is best.

The surgical options we have been presented with so far have a high probability to affect the long-term quality of life for Fair. This is one of the main reasons we are seeking a second opinion.

We hope to meet with the team at M.D. Anderson soon and will keep you updated on any new information.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated!

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