April 5th update – Great news!

We have good news!

Fair’s results came back from the biopsy done on her spine. The cancer that was there is now gone!!!

We are praising God for His healing and miraculous work!

Now there is only healing bone tissue in her spine where the cancer used to be which means that Fair will not have to have surgery on her spine at all! She is thrilled!!

She has had a couple scans done in the last couple of weeks to assess the condition of her abdomen and chest. The doctors were able to see that her abdomen is healing just fine from surgery.

They also saw that the cancer in her right lung has grown some since the last scan. While this is not alarming, it is somewhat concerning. We will be meeting with her doctor in Houston to discuss what this means in further detail and hopefully decide on a definite surgery date to remove the cancer.

Fair has been faithful to exercise daily to build up the lung capacity of her left lung. She is steadily gaining weight as well.

As always, thank you for your prayers! God hears every one of them, and He is answering!

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