Pre-surgery update.

If you are getting an email notification of this blog post then be sure to look at the website to see a recent photo of Fair. You can see she is doing so much better.

Thank you for the prayers after the stomach virus Fair caught. Despite feeling awful for more than a week, she jumped right back in to doing physical therapy and exercising even though she was not feeling 100%. As a result, she did not lose much ground and feels confident about her left lung being strong for her surgery tomorrow.

Last week after doing some tests in Houston, Fair and her family enjoyed a day at the coast. It really did her heart good to have such a wonderful time with family doing one of the things she loves best, swimming at the ocean.

Naturally there are several risks of complications associated with this surgery (removing her right lung). But we are confident that every prayer is being heard and that the surgery will go very smoothly.

Fair will start surgery at 7:30 A.M., June 8th. The surgeon believes it may take around 6 hours.

I plan to update the blog regularly in the next coming days.

Thank you so much for the continued prayer and support. We are believing that this will be Fair’s last surgery. She is going to beat this cancer!

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