June 9th update 10:30 AM

Fair coughed all night and it kept her awake and caused a lot of discomfort. Coughing is expected after this type of surgery but it’s a tough thing to work through.

Medication and breathing treatments were given to minimize the coughing but nothing really worked till this morning.

As the anesthesia wore off this morning Fair’s pain reached a level 10 and it took around an hour to get the pain more under control. She is doing a little better now and additional pain meds are ordered to make the next flare up manageable a lot quicker.

So much has gone on I don’t think I had the chance to update you on the blog that instead of the surgery being done at the children’s hospital in Houston it was done at the adult hospital there by an adult surgeon.

This was recommended by the children’s hospital surgeon and increased the chances of a successful surgery and post-op recovery.

I am very glad for this decision being made. The only drawbacks are stricter COVID guidelines and a nursing staff with a greater workload in the ICU. We really appreciated all the time allotted to Fair’s care while at children’s hospitals. It takes more assertiveness to get the care needed in an adult hospital but I and the family members trading out with me are more than up for the task.

Fair’s cancer is gone but the next few days could be rough as we manage her pain and she has to do breathing exercises and get moving through the pain.

Thanks for continuing to pray.

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