June 15th update

Fair walked twice yesterday. Both times she walked three times as far as she did the day before. She will probably be walking even more today. Walking is getting a lot easier for her and getting to a point where she needs little to no assistance at all. Very thankful for her progress in this area.

She did all this while not having the assistance of oxygen because the doctors took her off it yesterday morning.

The medical staff is taking her off of some of her pain medicine today as well.

She experienced shortness of breath at times throughout the day as her body got used to breathing with no assistance but by the end of the day there were no issues at all.

Fair had a bowel movement yesterday and it seems her bowels are fully awake. We are not 100% sure yet because she is taking several medications to assist her with this but we are believing she will be doing just as well when those medications are removed. Thanks so much for your prayers about this. As you remember her bowels stayed asleep for over a month after one of her surgeries and it caused a lot of problems.

She is going to be moved out of the ICU to a regular unit in the hospital today.

Would you believe Fair is doing so well the surgeon and doctors are seriously considering releasing her in around two days to be able to go home? Wow! Fair is discussing with them if it is wise for her to stay at a hotel in Houston for a few days after being released in case any challenges she needs assistance with arise.

Fair’s’s family and I are here to support, care for, and advise her but at the end of the day because Fair is an adult all of the decisions about her care are being completely left up to her and her care staff. She has matured quite a bit over the past year as a result and is ready for any future challenge life presents her.

Fairs in very good spirits.

Thank you for all the prayers. God continues to answer miraculously.

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