October 21 – Update, surgery is scheduled, and prayer requests

I meant to post an update a lot sooner. I know there are a lot of people who care for Fair and are hoping, praying, and believing for a complete recovery. When Fair has her surgery I will definitely be posting more often and keeping you all up to date.

The surgery to remove the tumor in her abdomen that originated from one of her overies is scheduled for October 26. The chemo has shrunk it to a more manageable size for surgery but it is still quite large and continuing to cause her pain.  

Fair’s last Cat Scan showed that the tumors on her lungs have grown a little since the last scan despite the 3rd and 4th rounds of chemo. As a result, as soon as Fair recovers from her surgery on the 26th she will undergo surgery to remove the tumors on her lungs.

Unfortunately, the last Cat Scan also revealed a small tumor on Fair’s spine. Obviously this is a concerning development. It will be treated with a different form of chemo or radiation after her lung surgery and be monitored closely. If it gets anywhere close to the nerves of the spine then surgery will take place. Thankfully operations on the spine are more precise than before and laser technology is used to avoid any damage to the spinal column. Naturally we prefer to have it treated successfully without surgery.

Fair finished all of her chemo 2 weeks ago. She has been feeling pretty miserable as it works its way out of her body. Like I mentioned earlier, the tumor in her abdomen has continued to cause her pain as well. Once she has healed from her surgery to remove it we believe she will be feeling better than she has since this journey began.

Fair’s spirit continues to remain strong no matter what. Even though she has not felt much better since the chemo stopped she has truly appreciated the extra time at home and away from the hospital.

Prayer Requests

1.) That Fair handles the surgery well and has a speedy recovery.
2.) That God guides the surgeons’ hands as they operate on her.
3.) That all surrounding organs will not be affected during or after surgery.
4.) That the cancer on her lungs and spine do not grow and can be completely removed or treated successfully.
5.) For Fair’s spirit to remain strong.
6.) For her mom, dad, brothers, and sister to remain strong as well. It is difficult to see our Fair deal with so much pain and discomfort as she battles this serious disease.
7.) Please pray that if it is God’s will Fair be immediately and completely healed!

Please share this blog post on your social networks, with your church, and with friends and family. The more prayer for Fair the better right now. Let’s flood heaven with prayers for healing and restoration!

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