Oct. 26 – 5:15 PM – Post surgery update

The head surgeon told us everything went real well in surgery. The mass was hardly attached to anything. He showed us a picture of it. It’s almost the exact size of a volleyball. He said that the way it was twisted and pushing against organs that it is no wonder she was in a lot of pain and she should be feeling a lot better as soon as she recovers from surgery. Yeah!

Fair had a difficult time with pain after waking up from surgery. A well thought plan was in place but it just did not work in Fair’s case. It took a couple of hours to find a safe right combination of meds before she experienced relief.

Afterwards she slept for a couple of hours. When she woke up she told us the recovery after surgery was not as bad as she thought it would be.

Can you believe it?

She is always looking on the bright side. She is going to need to keep a great attitude for the fight ahead. Looks like she is on track to stay positive and strong.

I have heard several people refer to Fair as a “warrior princess” recently. I think that describes her very well.

She will have to start walking around some tomorrow. Naturally it will be very difficult at first. Please keep that in your prayers.

I promise to keep you all updated. Let’s hope and believe for a good night.

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