November 2 update

Fairlight is doing well and making progress towards feeling better every day. 

The challenge is her digestive system has not completely woken up yet. In order to get everything working right it’s important to walk quite a bit every day. The fact that her nausea is still pretty intense as she works the chemo through her system has made it more challenging to walk. Another factor is that she was not walking that much for months before surgery.

She is being brave though and walking as much as she can with the encouragement and inspiration of her family. She is not waiting till she feels like it. She is pushing through and getting better every day slowly but surely.

We will talk to the head oncologist towards the end of this week to discuss a plan to remove the cancer from her lungs and the small tumor on her spine. Please pray for wisdom and discernment.

Fairlight’s spirits remain good. She is still able to laugh and take pleasure in the simple joys of life. She’s looking forward to complete healing from this last surgery and starting the next stage of her fight.

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