December 15 update

The head surgeon ended up not being at Fair’s appointment today. He will evaluate her on December 23rd and schedule her surgery then.

The good news is that means Fair will not be having surgery before Christmas! We were prepared to accept it if she were and are thankful that she gets to enjoy Christmas.

Fair told me she was ecstatic when she heard the news!

Fair did get some CAT scans today so if we get the results before the 23rd I will give you an update on that.

Fair has had an amazing week. Her digestion issues have almost gone away, she is walking around a lot and doing things without tiring, and is even getting out to go on errands and fun outings with her family.

For about five months fair was feeling so awful she was not able to get out other than to go to doctor’s appointments and the hospital. We even had to cancel a few appointments because she was feeling so bad. For a previously active 17 year old this was a challenge for her and she told me she cannot express enough how grateful she is to be getting out so much more now.

More great news is that her hair has been growing back for the past 3 weeks.

She is rebounding very well from all she has been through so far and is getting stronger for what’s ahead.

Thank you all for the prayers and support!

It felt good to be able to share so much good news today.

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