Dec 23 update. Surgery is scheduled.

Fair had an appointment today with her surgeon. Her first lung surgery is scheduled for January 18th.

Miraculously, the tumors on her lungs have not grown. The surgeon couldn’t explain why, but Fair told me she believed the Lord had stopped their growth.

Fair has occasionally been having pain related to her digestion, but she is so much stronger and her spirits are great!

Since the surgery isn’t until the 18th, Fair will have more time to recover which is a huge blessing.  She is excited not to be going back to the hospital just yet and to have more time enjoying the winter season at home.

Currently, the surgeon and his medical team are brainstorming the safest yet most effective way to go about these surgeries while keeping in mind Fair’s long-term health.  The second surgery on her right lung is going to be anything but easy, and we know to expect it will be a very difficult recovery.  However, we put our trust in the Lord, and know He will carry us through.  Please pray for guidance and wisdom that the surgeon and his team would find the best possible way to go about this.

Thank you as always for your support, and merry Christmas!

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