February 11th surgery recovery update

We are continuously amazed at how well Fair has been recovering from her surgery. Her surgeon did a wonderful job in removing the cancer, and consequently, she is having little pain and breathing very well. Her left side is still numb since her ribs were frozen which has helped to reduce the pain as well. We are so thankful to God for allowing this recovery to go so smoothly!

Fair was allowed to eat solid foods on Tuesday which she was very happy about.

Tuesday night was rough as Fair was experiencing very intense pain in her lungs, but it didn’t last long. Since then, she has only had light, infrequent pain.

A chest tube is still in place that helps with drainage and breathing. It can be annoying at times because it is connected to a box that she has to carry with her anytime she gets up. But that hasn’t stopped her from moving around. She has walked with her physical therapists around the halls on her floor and done stretches and exercises to relieve tension. This has helped her a lot to have more energy and a better appetite.

We expect the chest tube to be taken out in the next couple days, and Fair can’t wait because it means she will be able to leave soon after.

It started snowing today, and it was a true blessing for her to watch the snow fall outside her hospital window. This is Fair’s favorite kind of weather!

I didn’t get the chance to post about the results from her CT scan she had on Friday.  The results showed that she had blood clots in her right lung, and the doctors believed it would be best to start her on blood thinners immediately before her surgery on Monday.  So Fair had to pack to go to the hospital last minute and we left Friday night.  She stayed in the ICU over the weekend while they gave her Heparin through her port.  Now that the surgery is over, she is being given Lovanox injections twice a day until the doctors decide she is safe from blood clots.  So far the blood thinners have been very successful so we are hopeful that the blood clots will go away.

We hope to travel to Houston sometime next week for a second opinion on Fair’s upcoming right lung surgery. I will keep you updated.

Fair is staying strong and positive, and she greatly appreciates all the prayers and support.

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