March 7th update

Fair has been continuing to feel better as she recovers. She is still sore, but that hasn’t stopped her from pushing her limits. She’s been walking more and for longer distances now and enjoys getting out of the house whenever she feels like it.

The second opinion in Houston provided a lot of insight and some different perspectives for her upcoming surgery. The doctors there agreed with the ones in Temple that the only way to remove the cancer from her right lung is by removing the lung itself. However, it was encouraging to hear how confident they felt that the surgery could be done successfully. We also know that they have done many surgeries like this before and that they went very well.

Ideally the surgery would need to take place no later than a month from now; so it is important that we make a decision soon regarding the hospital Fair will have surgery at.

Several tests are being done this week to determine the state Fair’s lungs are in currently. The results will then help the doctors to know if it would be wise to have the surgery sooner rather than later.

The main things both doctor’s are stressing right now is that Fair work on gaining weight and building more muscle; so she is going to continue to push her limits these next few weeks.

Thank you as always for your prayers and support!

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