July 12th 10:00 AM update

Fair walked twice yesterday . It was not easy and it tired her out to walk just a little but it leads to her being able to do more every day.

One of her chest tubes is out and the other one will be removed today or tomorrow.

Fair is sleepy and feeling week from the big surgery and not being able to eat anything till today. She is on a liquid diet today. Hopefully she will be able to eat more solid foods tomorrow.

Some good news is she no longer feels the urge to cough constantly and is able to get more rest as a result. Thank you all for praying for that specific need. The coughing made her pretty miserable earlier.

We knew it would probably take some time to get back to normal after this surgery but Fair is pushing herself and every day is making progress.

Please pray her bowls and digestion work properly when she eats solid food tomorrow.

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