June 13th update 10:15

Fair no longer has any chest tubes in and the iv line in her neck has been removed which is such a relief for her. Around 7-8 iv’s were inserted into one opening in her neck if you can visualize that. She can move and sleep a lot better now.

The tube going through her nose to her stomach was removed as well. Thankfully the breathing tube was removed before she came out of surgery. We were told there was a 75% chance it would be in for a couple days after surgery. That is one of the things that concerned Fair right before surgery but she gave it to God and was so thankful it was not in when she woke up.

Fair sat upright in a chair for around 6 hours and walked for 5 minutes yesterday. Walking is the hardest. Her body is stiff from such an invasive surgery and from not being able to eat solid food for 5 days.

She gets to eat solid food for the first time today. She is eating a bowl of Cheerios while I am writing this.

She had a bowel movement yesterday for which we are very thankful. But it made her very nauseated which is a sign that her bowels are not fully awake yet.

Please pray Fair’s nausea subsides, she is able to digest her food properly, and that she be able to walk more often throughout the day.

We appreciate all the prayers and support. There is no easy way to recover from this type of surgery but Fair is doing her part and daily progress is being made.

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