July 13 – Miracle

Today at around 1:00 PM Fair’s pain was pretty severe. Additional pain medicine was not on hand and had to come from the hospital pharmacy which took around 20 minutes to arrive. During the time of pain her mom was with her. She prayed hard for her and enlisted the help of family and friends as well.

A few days before, several people in our church fasted and prayed for a whole day for Fair. One of the main prayer requests was that Fair would get all her tests done so she could start chemo so her cancer would start shrinking. She was scheduled for a test at 1:30 that had already been rescheduled from a few days before.

Before the pain medicine arrived, Fair said she felt a tingling at the place of the pain and it immediately went from a level 10 to a 0! The nurse came in to say she planned to reschedule the appointment again and Fair said, “Don’t reschedule it! I am ready now to go!” So she made her appointment.

Her cancer is not healed and pain still shows its ugly head but Fair got a clear message from God of something she already believed – that He is with her during this time.

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