July 16 – The first 2 days of chemotherapy

Fair and our family are so thankful that she is starting treatment now. After the many warnings of possible initial side effects, while still keeping a positive attitude, we were prepared for the worst.

Thankfully, Fair has sailed through her first few doses of chemo with little to no side effects. The only side effect she has mentioned is that the nausea prevention medication makes her really drowsy. But we will take drowsy over nausea any day!

Fair learned today that she can watch YouTube on the TV in her room. She has been watching some of her favorite videos which she enjoyed laughing to.

One of the good things about Fair being just young enough to be in the pediatric ward is she gets daily visits from their therapy dog (Lorenzo). Lorenzo is an adorable Golden Retriever that has the softest fur and enjoys receiving lots of love and attention.

Fair’s spirit has already been amazing and her mom and dad are doing what we can to continue to add the little joys of life that make such a difference.

Lastly, Fair was blessed by a care package from one of her best friends yesterday evening that included lots of happy things that she enjoyed.

She wanted to make sure I pass on to you all how much she has enjoyed the messages you all have sent on the contact page. Keep them coming. They are such a blessing!

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