July 18 – Fighting cancer during Covid-19

First of all let me update you that Fair has completed 3 days of chemo and is doing well. She dealt with some nausea yesterday but it is manageable and under control. She still has her appetite and is eating 3 meals a day.

There is no “good time” to get cancer but getting it during Covid-19 sure adds an extra element of challenge to it.

Fair is being treated at a hospital that has a policy, which was put into place recently, that those over the age of 18 are not allowed any visitors.

Thankfully, she missed that age cut-off by half a year. I can’t imagine what it must be like for all those who are not able to have anyone with them during one of the most trying times of their life.

As it stands, her mom and I get to trade out being here with her every 24 hours. One of the most difficult things is that her older brother and her younger sister and younger brother do not get to see her. Thank goodness for the ability to do video calls! But it is not the same is it? It is also difficult that Fair’s grandparents and other family are not able to see her.

If her mom, I, or any of our kids ever get Covid or are even around anybody that did and have to be quarantined for 14 days, that would sure complicate our situation. No matter what, God is bigger than all that and our family trusts in Him that he would get us through that situation. But we would sure like to avoid it so please pray that at least her mom and I will continue to be able to be with Fair during this challenging time.

As a result of the risks involved with Covid and a weakened immune system from chemo, our family will have to keep a lot of the same restrictions when Fair comes home. Being able to be around her brothers and sisters in her own home will be such a blessing to her even if she is limited in who else she comes in contact with.

Her brothers and sisters have already started to make sacrifices in order to provide her with the healthiest home environment. For example they will be avoiding all youth group activities in their church for the foreseeable future. We have been making sure they get together one on one with a lot of their friends during this time.

Going through this has given me a heart for all of those in hospitals who are not able to receive any visitors right now. In fact, I know a couple of older couples that had to make the difficult decision to admit their spouse to a nursing home. During this painful transition, their spouse is not allowed any visitors – not even from the person they have been married to for over 50 years.

So while my family and I so appreciate your prayers for Fair and for us, I encourage you to say a prayer for all those who are struggling with loneliness and isolation during this difficult time.

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