August 9 – Update

Fair and I have enjoyed time together in the past playing tennis. A week ago, I bought this bag of tennis balls and gave them to Fair and told her I am challenging her now to some matches in the spring. She is completely on board and said, “Challenge accepted!”

As it is currently, the tumor in her causes her to have to walk gingerly most of the time. It has been causing her quite a bit of pain the past few days. She has been in the hospital since Wednesday getting the second infusion of intense chemo. She is expected to be able to go home again for a couple weeks on Monday.

One of her oncologists let us know that the intensified pain could be coming from the chemo attacking the tumor and her white blood cells fighting against it causing inflammation in that area. I was actually encouraged by that news because for the first time in over a month her pain could actually be a sign that her body is in a fight to rid itself of the cancer.

Fair has had some nausea but it has been under control. If what happened on the first intense infusion of chemo is any indication, she will feel the most intense nausea later this week.

But God is bigger than patterns, right? Will you please pray that her nausea does not get bad like it did a couple weeks ago when the chemo was working its way through her system. But if it does get just as bad or worse, we are prepared with your support and God’s love and comfort to make it through.

Fair has been taking advantage of this time to eat some very hearty meals. While her mom was here with her, she went out several times to bring in some good food from Fair’s favorite restaurants at her meal times. She has also been eating some homemade rolls her grandma made. The smell of them after they are heated up is just as comforting as the rolls themselves.

Today when one of the workers at the hospital came in to Fair’s hospital room the subject came up of a challenge that person was dealing with in their life and Fair asked if she could pray for her, which she did. Imagine having a cancer patient on her hospital bed praying for you. It was an amazing thing to witness. Fair is such a giving soul even in the midst of her own suffering. I’m sure you can imagine, it was such a blessing to the worker.

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