The Cancer has Shrunk!!!

Fair is halfway done with her chemo now. A CT scan was done on Wednesday that showed the tumors are 50% smaller! One of Fair’s oncologists was very excited to share the news with us and show us how much they have shrunk. Praise God! Thank you for all your prayers.

More great news is that the cancer marker numbers are way down. I do not remember their names but one was originally around 2,000 and now is less than 200!

There is always a possibility that what is remaining are mature tumors that will not respond to chemo. Please continue to pray that they will either shrink significantly or will disappear completely with the next 2 rounds of chemo.

One week ago, Fair had lost 20 lbs from the start of her cancer diagnosis. We changed her eating habits on the advice of her oncologist and instead of eating a large meal once a day she started eating smaller portions steadily throughout the day. Yesterday when she was weighed she had gained 3 lbs!

I remember asking you all to pray in the last blog that the chemo would not affect her ability to eat and stay strong. God answered prayer! She did have nausea but was able to eat throughout it and hold it down. Fair is truly a brave warrior! She is continuing to do what is best for her health regardless of how it feels!

Fair will be done with chemo and have her next CT scan in 6 weeks around the first of October. We are hoping and believing for good news so the surgery to remove any excess tumors after that have less risk to surrounding organs.

Fair will start her 3rd round of chemo on Wednesday, August 26. We all appreciate the prayers, support, and encouragement!

Fair is going to win this fight!

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